A meeting was organized by Bergama Chamber of Commerce for the meeting of young entrepreneurs after the meeting done with the women entrepreneurs. During the meeting, a brainstorm was done with young entrepreneurs in the leadership of Mr. Fikret Ürper, chairman, fort he estimated projects to be executed in Bakırçay area.

Mr.İbrahim Lütfi Kolat, Mr. Levent Akçay ve Mr.Tahir Erdoğan as the members of the board participatd in the meeting of young entrepreneuts e.g. Mr. Mert Akçay, Mr. Okan Karcı, Mr. Mustafa Apaydın ve Ms. Burcu İduğ. Mr.Mustafa Apaydın, head of young entrepreneurs, emphasized the importance of Project development that will enable the group to carry out more effective and productive works.

Mr. Ürper particularly stated that they would do whatever necessary for the young entrepreneurs to revise the group, prepare and carry out effective projects during the process thus they would support the young entrepreneurs as Bergama Chamber of Commerce in terms of opportunities of the Chamber.

In the meeting held with the women entrepreneurs in last week, Mr. Ürper underlined that it was a strong belief for the chamber to launch good Projects in collaboration of both women and young entrepreneurs in respect of another meeting estimated to be held during July.
Young Entrepreneurs Council established by 22 members shall launch a revision program for the group in order to carry out more effective, productive and successful projects in Bakırçay area thus they will increase the quality standards of service day to day.