Good news for those who are experiencing difficulties in visa procedures so they are unable to visit the Greek islands even if living at a very close distance. Now, visiting the Greek Islands is much easier.

Mr. Athanasios Yakalis, Greece North Aegean Region Governor, made a speech in the meeting organized with the title “ Door visa application of Greece” on July 3 Wednesday in Mücahit Bektaş Meeting Hall of İzmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO). He underlined that the trade volume between the Greece and Turkey has been extended much in recent years, therefore they made some special arrangements enabling the Turkish tourists to enter into the islands easier and comfortably. Mr. Ürper, Chairman of Bergama Chamber of Commerce also participated into the meeting.

Some assertive actions taken in the entry procedures of Greek islands for Turkish tourists are given as follows;

* While single-entry right was given for the visa permit of 15 days, this period was extended to two times.
* The cost was 60 Euro in 2012 however it was reduced to 35 Euro this year and free-pass was given the children below 12 years old.
* Visa pilot program started to apply at entry gate. Therefore, it shall be enough to provide your tourism agency with the necessary documentation. The only thing to be done by your side is to get your visa at the entry gate of the island.

For the above-mentioned visa procedures, the port gate service is rendered in places at MidilliChios, Samos, Kos, Rhodes, Kastelorizo.