Today when the service quality has stepped into new age, every single organization is aware that long-term success can only be obtained by achieving to render “better service”.
Based on the high level of quality awareness, Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges has taken the action for the accreditation process by considering the compliance with the European standards of European Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges therefore 97 chambers and 32 Commodity Exchanges had been accredited until today.

Bergama Chamber of Commerce has taken the action to launch a preliminary study of accreditation in order to take part in accredited organizations. In scope of accreditation process, an interactive meeting was organized in Municipality council room to take and evaluate the demands and ideas from the area. Mr. Erol Işıldak, Chairman of Bergama Chamber of Commerce, who made the opening speech, stated their thanks to the participators and Bergama Municipality fort he allocation of meeting room. Then, Mr. Fikret Ürper took the microphone and gave important information about the accreditation and its vital importance then he continued to his speech as “Our chamber has launched TOBB Accreditation work process by targeting to raise the service quality and efficiency. Our fundamental objective is to see our chamber taking part in superior 5-star Chambers”.

BERTO hosted specially organized delegation coming from Bergama, Dikili ve Kınık during the meeting held on Monday, July 8 with the introductory presentation of Önder Aydın from Aydın Patent Brand Consulting Company.

The meeting was executed with the participation of almost 50 people in two sessions. In the first session, Önder Aydın has stated that the stakeholder analysis shall be done within the first strategic framework plan of the Chamber so he requested the participators to answer the questions related to Bergama Chamber of Commerce given in the beginning of the meeting. Following the meeting break, the participators were grouped into 5 persons small groups to indicate their comments and opinions about BERTO. As a result of this useful meeting, a number of bright and useful ideas became apparent in the end of the this brain storm session. When this analysis reports are finalized the concerning results shall be announced through our web site at