The second phase of the meeting held to discuss the development of Bergama Chamber of Commerce and find the solutions to potential problems was executed on July 16 on the last week. The participators of the meeting held in Hasan Şentürk Meeting Hall were the personnel of the chamber and the members of the Board of Bergama Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber found the opportunity to observe the chamber’s activities during the meeting with the contribution and supports of Mr. Önder Aydın from Aydın Patent Trademark Consulting Company. At the same time, as a result of the analysis and internal measurements carried out by Mr. Süleyman Aygün, the auditor from DQS Audit and Certification, Bergama Chamber of Commerce has taken the first step in process of ISO 9001 certification.

In speech of Mr. Fikret Ürper, Chairman of Bergama Chamber of Commerce, in the backyard of Hasan Şentürk Meeting Hall, emphasized the vital importance of both ISO 9001 certification and accreditation of the chamber in order to achieve 5-star service implementation thus he thanked to Mr. Önder Aydın and Mr.Süleyman Aygün due to their contributions in this process.

A fine day was ended with specially organized Iftar dinner given the board members and chamber personnel in the social facilities of Bergama Chamber of Commerce.